About Babbel & Krabbel


Many may believe that Babbel & Krabbel is part of a franchise as there are quite a few nursery schools across the country with the same name.

But Babbel & Krabbel was independently founded in 1970 and we remain true to our individual culture and values.


Elsa Prinsloo started the school in her home, the current baby and toddler section.  She owned the school for approximately 17 years after which Unitas Hospital purchased the school.

In 1993, Louisa Burger was appointed as principal and managed Babbel & Krabbel on behalf of Unitas. Louisa became the owner of the school and the school has remained in her family to date. 

Babbel & Krabbel has built a rich history over the years and boasts staff with 20 years of service at the school. 


We have close contact with the Department of Education and follow their prescribed curricula.  We are registered with the Department of Social Development and boast with a full registrations.  Our trained staff ensures that children are stimulated in the right way and are prepared for Primary school. 


It is our priority to ensure that our staff receive regular training and stay abreast of all new information, teaching methods and ideas to benefit our children. 


At Babbel & Krabbel every child is NO 1 and we strive to develop all children on a physical, emotional and cognitive level. 

Meet Our Formidable Team

Parent Review

Our boys can't wait to get to school each day and they love their teachers. I'm blown away by the practical things they learn and the love they receive from every staff member in this school.
We are so grateful to Babbel & Krabbel.
Jean Marie Kruger